Meet the Founders

    Ryan Higa, Co-Founder

    Ryan Higa is a Japanese American celebrity, comedian, YouTube personality, actor, and producer who grew up in idyllic Hilo, Hawaii. He is known for his comedy and music videos on YouTube, which have been viewed over 4 billion times.

    Ryan has held the coveted “Most Subscribed to Channel on YouTube” title numerous times, and is currently a top 15 endemic YouTube channel (#41 overall). Higa ranked #4 in Variety’s Survey (July 2015) of top 10 YouTube stars against 10 traditional celebrities, with the highest Q score among teens. He authored “How to Write Good,” a June 2017 NYTimes best seller. Higa won the prestigious Forbes’ 30 under 30 award in 2017.

    Ninja Melk gives Ryan energy to write, film, produce and edit all the amazing videos that delight 21 million+ fans worldwide.

    Kathleen Hahn, Co-Founder

     Kathleen Hahn

    Kathleen is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is the daughter of Vietnam War refugees who taught her that education and entrepreneurialism are the foundations of the American dream. After studying business at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Kathleen worked in New York in financial services before moving to Los Angeles to start a career in music, entertainment and tech.

    Kathleen is grateful she had a chance to collaborate with Ryan during her time at YouTube, and now, to help bring his vision for Ninja Melk to life. Ninja Melk gives Kathleen energy to keep up with the boundless energy of her six-year old son, Ricky.

    Kyle Schroeder, Co-Founder

    Kyle grew up in the small rural town of Tulare, California. Coming from a family of dairy and cotton farmers with deep roots in the area, he graduated Valedictorian from the exact same High School and Junior High that three of his grandparents, mother and father had attended decades earlier. From there, Kyle went on to study business and graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, leading to jobs in technology and entertainment.

    Wanting a change from life in an office, Kyle then began his career as a fashion model. Literally going around the world a couple times he traveled, worked and lived in such diverse places as New York, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Barcelona and Sydney. 

    Kyle chose to give up the life of a high fashion model and put his global business skills to create Cremo Company and now, Ninja Melk - bringing high quality products to everyday consumers everywhere. Ninja Melk gives Kyle energy to continue building great companies from scratch.

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